May 30, 2012

Hagerstown Update

Remember these are the guys who lost Allegiant but got them back after Direct Air went under.  Last Friday was their first flight:

Allegiant Air on Friday began a new chapter of commercial service between Hagerstown Regional Airport and Orlando, Fla.   Opening-day participation was strong, with the first flight from Orlando to Hagerstown about 85 percent full, which airport Director Phil Ridenour called unusually good.  Then, the first flight leaving Hagerstown was even more crowded. Shortly before it left, Ridenour said 145 of the 150 seats had been sold.
Top three for Worcester:
  1. JetBlue direct flights to Florida for the winter
  2. Allegaint direct flights to Florida for the winter
  3. Linear Air to base one of their Eclipses here

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