May 24, 2012

Youngstown celebrates 6 years w/ Allegiant

Think they started in Youngstown about the same time they started at ORH


Anonymous said...

...and Allegiant's stock just keeps going up while Facebook's goes down...

Harry T

Big Daddy said...

Yet another city square celebration-was there anyone on that stage that has actually made.any money?.....any bets on when a lease is signed there that is truly significant and not another lateral move........MIT just completed a study of the city....not very rosey about its demographics.....Nordstrom not coming to dollar perhaps

Jahn said...

I read the piece today and ofcourse I was scanning it more than reading it.

Did Tim Murray give any credit to the kid who came up with idea. Cant recall his name. He's an Engineer/architect type. Maybe I missed it?

It Reminds of my school days when we'd do a case study in groups of 4-5 people and then we'd discuss it in class and the least competent person you your group would present the Idea(s) of other in your group as his own.

Dare i ask if this guy was even there or invited yesterday? Then there's Havana Jim who doesnt spend but 2-3 weeks in Worc every year ..standing there with smirk on his face.

And I agree big Daddy, how many celebrations do we need? This is all deja vu 1968 /Worc Center .

Jahn said...

OK, as they say in politics, I have to walk back my above comment re what appeared to be the lack of recognition for architect Dan Benoit who is credited with the idea of breaking on through to the other side as re re opening Front St to Washington Sq. MY comment was correct based on Fridays weak reporting, however Tuesdays reporting brings new facts to light.

No mention was made of Mr Benoits name in Fridays (5-25) T&G piece penned by Nick K, yet in todays piece about City Sq (5-29) Nick K comes right out and says not only was Mr Benoit mentioned numerous times at last Thursdays "unveiling", but he also rec'd a key to the city. Query, shouldnt it be the Key to City Sq?

I'll forgive ya Nick for the omission of Mr Benoits name in Fridays T&G. :) I am sure that on last Thursday your mind was on the long holiday weekend as you scribed Fri's piece.

I had a great weekend.... terrific weather.

I was down in the area of where Paulie has been chillin' of late or at least as far I know he's been chillin' there.

I tooled along the highway a few times passed Ridgevale, Cockle Cove, and even Beacon Hill. No signs of Big Irish Setter?? Also, NO sign of him at the Squire sidewalk bar for Irish Setters. I checked the missing persons at the local Post Office branch. Again no luck. I staked out the "South Ridgevale" Liqour Store, adjacent to the Post Office" Nada??? Maybe he's back in VOP? :)

However This coming weekend, I will know where to find Harry as he partakes in the annual Shiskabob Eating Contest here in Worcester. Harry will be trying to break his own record the for number Shiskabobs eaten :)