May 30, 2012

Mattapan CDC

Files for bankruptcy


Anonymous said...

Hopefully not a vision of things to come WOO's way with our 14%(and growing) no/lo housing stock!

BTW, Bill....kudos on your reporting of this over the years... you saw this coming waaaaaaaay before it ever made the local media. The blog archives will prove that...

Harry T

Jahn said...

Speaking of bankruptcies and upside down municipalities, I read that the town of Auburn gets it. They have voted to no longer pay part time elected municipal officials healthcare insurance. It is about time.

I would guess that doing the same in Worc would easily pay for another 90,000 per year (or part time year...[185 work days]) school teacher to alleviate the alleged overcrowding (29 student kindergartens)in Worcesters school system. I'll betcha every allegedly overcrowded kindergarten has a teachers aide as well. A teachers aide who makes 17-18k per part time year and also gets the full benefit of Worc's health ins bennies & generous pension.

File under: It's for the kiddies.