May 13, 2012

653 Main Street-Hadley

Total Invested $23,160,599

Current assessment   $2,192,100

$21 million less


Jahn said...

Then ther is the Hand It Over invested???????.............current assessment???????????........much less I am sure b/c I checked it once a few years ago and now I cannot find it b/c I do not know what street it is on.......... Main, Southbridge????....both came up with NO Hanover................must have its own prestigious street address and it apparently isnt owned by an entity that Has Hanover as part of the name???

I recall that when I did find the assessment before, that the City was leaving $750,000 per yr on the table b/c it is tax exempt.

Bill Randell said...

4 southbridge street


Jahn said...

Holy Cow, I did see that and assumed it was the site of the proposed restaurant !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only $534,000.

I will swear on a stack of bibles that I read the total amt of money spent on the Hand It Over Theatre was $20,000,000 +++++????? and included in that $20M was at least a few million $$$$$$$ in taxpayer subsidies and now it's assessed at $534,000? How can that be?

I know it's tax exempt but the assessor still places fair market value and/0r assessed values on all city property.

So I just looked up the Palladuim Theatre listed on Gooogle as 261 Main St. Assessors offices only shows a 255 Main St assessed as 690,000 and a 269 Main St assessed at 830,000. I am not sure which one (if either) is the Palladium???? But The Hand It Over at only 534,000?

This cant be. Something is wrong here. I seem to recall looking up this theatre before and it had some kind of unique street address and it wasnt Federal Sq either.

Bill Randell said...

Jahn I was thinking the same thing?? Can you check and see if you get the same numbers that I do??

Am i looking at the right property?