May 11, 2012

Whiz Kids

Public Hearing notices in today’s paper and saw one that may interest you.

Whiz Kids Development, LLC applied for a demolition waiver to tear down the Ionic Avenue Boys Club. The hearing is scheduled on May 24th at 5:30 p.m. in the Levi Lincoln Chamber (3rd Floor) @ City Hall.

Whiz Kids have already been given $350,000 from the City of Worcester and something like 2.7 to 3.0 million for 5 May Street and were involved in a questionnable sale of a condo to the former Hosuing Director, which led to her firing.    Can someone tell me what he was give $350,000 for??? 

Thanks Dave Zimage


Jahn said...

Maybe I missed something here, but is there a nexus between Whizz Kids LLC and Worcester Common Grd? Thye both seem to have 5 May St in common and I think 5 May St is one of WCGs 40+ unit no-lo income ventures.

On another note , "is it just me" or does anyone else look askance at Fridays T&G "In Our Opinion Piece" that says the rehab of the Hand It Over Theatre was "the product of courage"? Seems to me the media of late have dumbed down the term heor too much and now it's courage to rehab the Hand It Over Theatre????....millions of it on the taxpayers dime...and after accepting all teh taxpayer subsidized freebies even more courage to file for tax exempt status.

Whats next, it's courage to build out a restaurant adjacent to the Hand It Over and ask for even more Money to subsidize the restaurant?

Bill Randell said...


Easy to confuse. Right next to Penny Wise is 5 May Street a large Brick building think 13 units? That is owned by Levin who is now Whiz Kids on Ionic.

Next to that is the renovated mattress building or 9 May Street which was renovated by Common Ground-46 units.

The cost of these two buildings was 22,500,000 million dollars.
Average cost per unit 380,000.

Bill Randell

Jahn said...

And the state ( per Thursdays T&G)will ante up $105M to rehab or create 2,196 new housing units all across he state and as I pointed out the other day, that's 48,000 per unit and Worcester spends 3,4, $500,000 to create ONE ...UNO.... low income dwelling unit.

What is going on here?

I mean come on, I can probably buy a gorgeous 2,200 sq ft existing brick colonial on Paul Revere Drive in the $400,000 range.