May 02, 2012

CIty Council Affordable Housing


8:29 PM to 9:18PM

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Jahn said...

Not one mention in there of an $$$$ amts, just %'s and double this, that, and the other thing.

Eddy has the right idea.

Bill, IMO we're to far gone at 14% affordable and the spigot continues to crank out even more affordable housing, e.g. $1,200 a month to rent an 1,100 sq ft apt. at Main and Madison is somehow deemed affordable, in what is by all defitions a ghetto.

Mr. Main South is looking for more low income voters. Another councilor is looking to his own business intersts w/one of his proposals. Carpenter unions looking for their piece of the action.

So i still do not know, if CDC's have to use union labor or pay prevailing wage. Something mentioned in there about $25 per hour Prevaling Wage for carpenters. I am certain the prevailing wage is much higher than that for carpenters. I say its well into the 40's per hr plus another $15 hr. for bennies.

Too people many prostituting themselves as usual down there but the difference between them and the usual Jahn is that these folks get the taxpayers to pay for their roll in the hay, whereas the averge Jahn has to pony his own dineros to frolic plus average Jahn runs the risk of the Tuesday morning court actions which is where all of the weekends dirty laundry is aired.

Big Daddy said...

I wish when Joe Obie says that these units are within the means of local police,fire,dpw,teachers and janitors all working for the city that just one city councilor would ask for the data on how many actually are living in these no-lo income projects......I drive by 9 May Street to many times and that car lot is packed all hours of the I know folks could be walking or busing to work..maybe even running or biking but everyone of em'

The building at the corner of Chandler & Piedmont is one comes out or in....except the pizza delivery boy

Big Daddy said...

councilor eddy is finally waking up to the rest of the city..and he is realizing that the blight that has occurred in the urban core is spreading like wildfire...the PIP issue woke him up out of a deep sleep...