May 07, 2012

Chamber of Commerce

Serious question.

Has the Chamber weighed in at all on the new commercial valuations?


Jahn said...

Time for comm property owners to descend on city hall some tuesday night fully armed with hockey sticks, basketballs, and tax bills.

"Is it just me" :) or has anyone else thought to ask for a list of all teh comm. property owners who had their valuations overridden in previous years by the assessors office. Shaun...Thomas?? Will the answer be that we already deleted them so they cannot be retrieved. Wonder if anyone thot to print such a list before the deletion process? Then again I have been told that data deleted on a computer is still really there and retrievable if you know how to do it.

So this morning at 8:10 am on E. Central St in front of the post office there is sandwich board sign that says:

"DIVERSION PROGRAM" the office of District Attorney Joseph Early"...

and some gentlemen are working on the median strip doing landscaping, complete with no police detail. Just what we F'ING need at commute time...diverting traffic fromt he left hand lanes !!!!!!!! ( No pun)

So can anyone think of any good jokes lines for the so called District Attorney's DIVERSION PROGRAM :)

And all this right in front of the Joesph Early Post Office. A mere coincidence

Brendan Melican said...

Last week: