December 22, 2008

Southgate Place Update

Nothing we can do. It is a done deal. Although none of the abutters, I am one of them, want a 25 unit building for low income residents. People have to understand this has nothing to do with the needs of the neighborhood. THIS IS BIG BUSINESS!!!!

It is all about the money and nothing else. It is just that simple. The saddest part about this low income housing business is that it takes advantage of the neighbors that are the least organized, since they can not stop the project. Believe me this project would not be approved on, for example, Whisper Drive, but dump in and Main South--who is going to block it??

Truth be nobody can block and you can expect more of these developments to keept coming in the neigborhorhoods that can not defend themselves.


Paulie's Point of View said...

has the neighborhood ever had a sitdown with any city councilors, state senator..state rep?

Yah think there would be more resident organization if a at-larger lived in that neighborhood?

This city has no plan Wild Will..our leaders figure we can add a bunch of restaurants and pubs and this will be the change...wrapped around all these supposed great neighborhoods that many are afraid of:>)

I was just down on May looking at that grandisose new housing project...another project that will add nothing to the neighborhood except to house more folks..we need a gradiose housing project in the urban core that houses people wih JOBS..folks who come home at night and go out to eat, go to the movies, walk their dogs on a leash and pick-up the dog shit...their kids go to school with completed homework...not pants down to their ankles:>)

I couldn't tell you what Bienenda looks like:>)

Bill Randell said...


Nothing like this would happen in many areas of the city, but it can happen down here since there is not strong core of owner occupied home-owners. In other words not alot of voters, so why would an elected official try to stop this "BIG BUSINESS".

They would be attacked by the Telegram for being against affordable housing!! Almost as bad as not voting for the lowest residential rate every year.

Drive by May Street and count how many off street parking spots have been provided... By the way I believe that also is 100% affordable. In other words if you are hard working and make a good income, don't apply since you will be rejected.

I truly do not blame the city councilors or the elected officials. People need to take a step back and look how much of our tax money is being invested under the auspices of low income housing and wake up.


Paulie's Point of View said...

I do blame the Pols..few have any vision for the urban core of the city like Kevin White had for Boston & Buddy Cianci had for Providence!

Anonymous said...

If your gonna bitch about the problem, then it has to start with the councilors. They're "our" elected officials.

So where does the buck start then if not with them?

Bill Randell said...

It starts with people like us not being anonymous telling our elected officials to stop these projects.