October 01, 2010

Steve Grossman's Answers

1. Do you support or oppose the repeal of sales tax on alcoholic beverages?
Oppose. I would have preferred that the legislature work with the existing excise tax on alcohol, but (see below) we cannot afford to lose the $100 million in revenues that the alcohol sales tax generates until our economic crisis abates and we see a sustained increase in tax revenues that would enable a reduction or elimination of this tax.
2. Do you support or oppose the cut in the sales tax from 6.25% to 3%?
I would like to see lower taxes and would support rolling back the sales tax increase when the economy improves and state revenues recover. I’d propose a phased-in reduction of the sales tax back to 5% based on economic growth. But the harsh reality is that – even with no tax cuts – we face a potential $2 billion deficit in the next budget. The Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation warns that Question 3 would see the Commonwealth’s finances “over the cliff,” cutting essential services such as education, public safety, and human services by as much as 30%

3. If the voters approve rolling back the sales tax or the income tax, will you honor the voters’ wishes?
I will do everything possible to implement the measure if it passes. We must respect the will of the people, and a failure to do so would undermine public confidence in their government. In 2002 when I ran for governor I called for implementing the income tax reduction passed in 2000 even though I had opposed the cut originally, because when the people speak, we should listen.
4. Small business is a key part of the economic recovery in Massachusetts, what are your plans to facilitate effective support of small businesses?
For the last 35 years, I have run a fourth-generation family-owned small business creating jobs, managing money, meeting payrolls, and solving problems. I am the only candidate for Treasurer whose entire career has been all about creating jobs primarily within the small business sector of our economy. I intend to bring my experience and expertise as a small businessman to work as Treasurer. I have made it a top campaign priority to help small businesses grow by moving state money into banks that are willing to make business loans and to use the influence of the office to increase capital for small businesses. I also will use the bully pulpit of the office to push for giving small businesses greater clout in negotiating lower health insurance premiums.
5. Grassroot Community Based Organizations (CBO) are an integral part of community development, what will you do to secure funding for local CBOs and prevent 9C cuts during the budget process?
I commend your group’s efforts in helping to create a better Worcester. I support CBOs and will work to see that they are able to continue to play their role in community development. I must caution, however, that given the budget crunch I previously described funding cannot be guaranteed for any program. Deep cuts are inevitable whatever the outcome of the tax cut referenda.


Jahn said...

Consistent w/Mr Madnick Questions 1 & 2 we have good direct answers. 2 @ 20 pts each comes 40 pts.

Question 3 requires a yea or nay answer. He cutely sidesteps it saying: "I will do everything possible to implement the measure if it passes." MMMM...nice evasive attempt Mr Grossman.

Correct me if I am wrong here now but if it passes, the legislature can vote it out and then it goes the governor for signature. Do I have it right? He says he will do "EVERYTHING POSSIBLE" to implement it "if it passes". The Thing is he can stop it from passing. Help me here if anyone thinks I am misreading his answer or if you have differreences of opinion re the logic. Is Mr Grossman a barrister also?

So for Question 3 -0- points.

Question 4 requires listing actiosn he will take to facilate small business in Mass. Cut through the verbiage and we have 2 mediocre responses.
a. move state money to Mass banks and make it (more of it?) available to small bizz. Dont we already do this?

b. give small businesses greater clout in negotiating health ins premiums via bully pulpit. Using the bully pulpit basically means you do not have the authoitry to do what it is you want to do. Additionally the feds are incrementally taking over thsi entire arena.

He should have listed 4 or 5 items.

Question #4..mmm.. ok..5 pts

Question #5 re helping CBO's secure funding he says "I support CBOs and will work to see that they are able to continue to play their role in community development" MMM...non responsive. Nothing in his answer states HOW he will hlep secure CBO funding.

Question #5 -0- points

Total Score

#1 20
#2 20
#3 0
#4 5
#5 0

Total 45

Grade...failure... a medium to high F

But he he at least he's in the lead now. I think I gave Mr Madnick a 40??

Everyone Enjoy the nice saturday

Steve Foley said...

"I will do everything possible to implement the measure if it passes."

Since it will come up for a vote in the legislature, and voting for it is "possible", I take this to mean he will vote for it when it comes up.

David Z. said...

It's up to the legislature to enact this. Steve Grossman is running for Treasurer. He has no vote other than the one he casts at the ballot box.

If anyone believes the Massachusetts House and Senate will let this become law, I have some “prime” real estate in Florida to sell to you.

Jahn said...

David, for whatever reason, in my response, I too was thinking that Grossman was running for a legilsative seat...dont know how I could have forgotten what he was in fact running for, but I did....thinking that the legislature could reverse the effect of this sales tax reduction, if it were to pass.

Then again, I am not sure as treasurer, what Grossmans role would be implementing it if it did pass. The treasuer manages the states money. He doesnt really have all that much to do with effecting the day to day and month to month net revenue streams, when you consider we ahve a 30B$(?)state budget. The governor & legislature would the be ones to implement it.