July 15, 2013

Armory Street landfill update

No response back yet from the South Worcester Neighborhood Center and the developers of Southgate Place.


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Jahn said...

I am thinking that Cyclone fence is 4ft high which if it is, would make the pile 9-10 ft high.

To Meade St, may I see the "as built". Are there 2 buildings there that were build as one project, but each building erected at a different time which would leave open the possiblibity that Building #1 has an as built engineers plan that shows this area as flat and then when building 2 was built (if at a different time) they took all the excavation dumped it next door at building number 1.

I wonder if they were given money to truck that dirt out of there and the money was used for some other purposes.......e.g. "overhead" or to cover cost overruns