October 06, 2007

Allegiant Update

Allegiant Air LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Allegiant Travel Company (Nasdaq: ALGT), has reported its preliminary passenger traffic results for September. The airline said that for its scheduled service, the number of passengers increased by 48.9% while the revenue passenger miles increased by 40.6%. Allegiant Air's available seat miles increased by 30.9%, giving a load factor of 78.1%, up 5.4 percentage points from the same period last year.

For the quarter ended 30 September, there was a 56.6% increase in passengers, a 45.6% increase in revenue passenger miles and a 35.2% increase in available seat miles. This resulted in a load factor of 86.2%, up 6.2 points from the same period in 2006.


Anonymous said...

So if their load factor is now 78% up 5% over prior year.........then I guess prior year load factor was about 73%.

Depending on who you believe, Allegiants load factor at ORH was somewhere between 80 to 90%, to the best of my re collection.

So with an average load a year ago of 73% for the airline as a whole................they up and leave Worc Airport a year ago when their load factor was 80 to 90%.

There is something more to their departure form ORH and the most likely culprit had to be fuel price.........as mentioned at length here in the past....or the attitude of politicians like Mr Murray who called them back stabbers on their way out the door.

Bill Randell said...


Thank you!! That is what is quite obvious to everyone except the people in charge at ORH..

This begs the question then who would come to ORH, if Allegiant with 80-90 percent loads left ORH.


Bill Randell said...

Answer to above question is nobody. That is why we need a complete change in mgmt.

In the end MassPort will be an improvement, it is only too bad that the City of Worcester did not do an RFP for airport mgmt companies like National Express instead of only talking to one company--MassPort