October 04, 2007

RFD versus ORH Website

Check them out and place your comments:


Anonymous said...

We have a picture of a train on our site, they don't.

Anonymous said...

The train is great.

Dave from Worcester said...


Rockfords website is simple, with a few clicks you can find the flight you want. Yet Worcester's is boring and looks nothing like what a commercial airport's website should look like, IMO.

Dave from Worcester said...


Anonymous said...

Womag is reporting that the Hanover Theatre got another grant. This time from the state....some kind of cultural/arts grant. $675,000. Nice if ya can get it.....huh?

What's the total gov't subsidy for the Hanover now? The taxpayers s/b 35% owners at this rate and the Ecotaruim it seems is crying foul over how these grants are doled out.

Worc Airport is a non profit, right? We should have applied for a handout

Bill Randell said...


the hand-it-over theatre concessions never end. All the permitting fees have been waived, millions in grants, when completed no taxes will be paid and then I believe that there is a deal in place with municiapl garage across the street.

Imagine if you owned a private busines in the City, where you paid for your permits, had no grants and had to pay property taxes with no deals on parking. How do you compete with that???

Anonymous said...

Bill and this all is rubber stamped by a city council that claims to be out to squeeze every possible dime they can out of non taxpaying non-profit entites..........the lying, BS & subterfuge is forever emanating from council chambers re this non profit issue.

How the hell can they continually give O'brien marching orders re a PILOT program (which is basically begging) and then do the complete opposite. Do as I say, not as I do.

If you're Clark or WPI or HC and you see the Hand It Over Theatre continually backing their empty Brinks truck up to the city treasury and stealing away with it full of taxpayer dollars...........would you then be very amenable to making PILOT payments............i sure as hell would not.

BTW, I wonder if WPI got any special deals with all that building they're doing in the so called North Main area. How many taxable structures did they raze over on the Dean/Boynton St block last spring?