September 25, 2011

JetBlue Airport

Why not file a petition to change the airport name to JetBlue Airport, assuming of course JetBlue starts service here? 

Really what is the name of ORH is it now technically Worcester/MetroWest Boston Regional Airport?  Technically I think it is up to the Airport Commission to make name changes but maybe the City Council could suggest this?


zed said...

A deal they couldn't refuse. If Worcester had a leader with balls he'd pitch the idea to JetBlue personally.

tim macdonald said...

jetblue would only be required to fly 25 flights per day and we will name the airport after them. That is the payment. Sounds good to me.

Who do we contact for the travel bank? JB directly?

Michael said...

We are considering changing the name of the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport in Ohio... Key word is considering...

Early favorite locally is the Northeast Ohio Regional Airport.

Call Me Juan Now said...

Sorry Bill, but IMO these naming rights, be it a Blvd, a Street, a city Park, bridges, stretches of highway, Gillette Stadium, Schaefer Staduim, Jahns NOLA Fest :) Melanies Law, or whatever are well intentioned but way overdone.

Naming city streets, parks, etc after ANYONE is insanity b/c it only takes 2 generations at most ( 3 generations for those who strart breeding at 18 yrs old :) ) before someone asks, for example, who in Gods name is that James D O'Brien that the airport is named after? Or who the hell is (was) Levi Lincoln or Azel Drake? Imagine if DNA evidence testing of today inplicarted Levi Lincoln in a Triple murdedr back in 1901?.......what would Worc do with Lincoln Sq or Lincoln St?

Then there's the renaming of many of Worc elememtary schools over the last few what effect???......the schools are worse off now than ever before.

Does anyone really think the name Lenny Zakim will ring a bell with anyone in the year 2525 (if man is still alive). Dittoos for Nadeau Industrial Park or MKL Blvd. Please, I am not disparaging anyone, but trying to make a point.

Generic names like Beaver Brook Park or Advantage Benefits or Spyder Gates Cemetary have much greater staying power.... vs. .....say for example Commerce Bank Field or Randell Insurance or Fresolo Gates Cemetary.

And BTW, name change is 1st thing MP shoulda Dunne up on Airport Hill along w/signage as suggested by David Z(?)

I mean what happens when Jet Blue Airlines gets gobbled up by Jahn Black Airlines or heaven forbid Jet Blue goes belly up?

First it's Greatwoods, then its Tweeter center, now its the Comcast center..........all in the time span of what.......3 decades.....3 diff names.....= very difficult to build branding

Continued name change aint good for branding purposes..thus the Coca Colas, the UPS's and Budwiesers of the world survive. Onyy the gypzy contractors change their names every spring. :)

MY 4 cents.

Bill Randell said...


We don't give them naming right forever!!!

We do it in the short-term since the name right right now are worthless...

Eventually we would charge them just like any other stadium or public facility.

We are just using it, and anything else, to get them to come to ORH.


Jahn said...

Wm., mi' amigo, you're making my point. It makes little or no sense to name something for 5 yrs only to change it to back to somethign else (e.g. Obrien field by default?). IMO, the intent s/b to brand Worc Airport with a name that has staying power. I think Boston Metro West Airport sounds good although it's a stratch to call Worc Metro west, but i mena they are calling Westover AFB Hartford-Springfield airport or some name like that

I know I am givin' your opinions a bit of a paddling here on this thread and this is OT too but I read Sundays T&G last night only to see a story front & center about the Krock clan once again. Man, I;ll tell ya soemONES got it in for them , but that aSIDE my beef is once again DIF, TIFs, and frankly any kinda gubmint subsidy to erect any kinda privately owned structure, be it a piece of real estate or a wind mill.

The city bascially bailed out the dev'er (twice?) of DA's new digs opposite the court house on Main St. with DIfs or TIFs. The end result? A privately held piece of property w/o gubmint subsidies is left substantially vacant and now possibly faces the wrath of the histrionic Hysterical Commission :) Let me also say for the record that I love the architecture of old buildings and the I love beautifully restored old wood work, masonry, etc.........but do it with private$$$$

But how fair is it to the Krocks when they have to compete in Worc commerercial real est. market with other owners who only exist b/c my tax dollars have given the otehr owners huge subsidies? I call it the "CDC'ing" of commercial real estate and it happened at Chadler and Piedmont Sts and agian at Piedmnt and Mains Sts...thank wORC cOMMON GRD....AND also at City Square with a free parking garage, ostensibly to buy union peace for City Sq.

Bill Randell said...


O'kay , you tell me what would youi do to attract JetBlue to ORH?


Jahn said...

I dont have any ideas re getting Jet Blue to ORH

Billl, I think we all agree that jet Blue cannont be attracted to Worcester Airport w/o "undue influneces".

They have to be pushed, probably under duress, to ORH as part of a larger deal with Logan/Massport.

We need to face it that MP has dropped the ball at ORH thus far.

I forgot to mention in my previous post that the city is soooo quick to the scene when the Krocks allegedly illegally dumped fill at a site owned by them. Yet Worc Common Grd contuines with their contiuned wrong doing by illegally filling the Mason St site and not a peep is heard from the Code Dept. This discretionary enforement of laws for non profit builders is what ticks me off.