September 24, 2011

True Blue Travel Bank

  1. If you are a True blue member, JetBlue frequent flyer, go to their website and sign in.     
  2. You will see in th emdidle of the screen a box that says "view credits" , click on that
  3. You need to log on again
  4. You can then check your account statement, which most likely will say 0

There must be a way we can work with jetBlue to set up the ability for people in Central Massachusetts to pledge cash to their account?     Imagine if we could raise $1,000,000 bucks by people depositing cash in to their True Blue Account, it would help entice JetBlue to come to ORH.  


tim macdonald said...

I signed up. As of right now I am a Boston based flyer so we would need to have it state we are ORH, right??

Hopefully we can help attract jetBlue again. Seriously was it about 8 years ago that I saw your sign recruiting jetBlue?? I would love to see them start service at ORH.

Go UMass!

Bill Randell said...

We need JetBlue to set up a field that says something like Worcester or ORH.

Then we need to pick a 24 hour period where people have teh ability to deposit money and see how much you raise..

Bottom lins is that if you were to put $2,000 in you could always spend it buying tickets over the next couple of years flying out of Boston or Manchester , until we got something in Worcester?

Imaghine if we picked a date say October 22nd and Central Massaschusetts was to put $1,000,000 in into their TrueBlue Accounts.

Personally I would put in 2,000.


Anonymous said...

you never even put in one cent for Direct Air and they took all the risks to come here.