January 13, 2013

Free Parking

Assuming we close the JetBlue deal to come to ORH with two flights per day to Florida, we need to do two things:

  1. Buy Tickets!!!
  2. Get MassPort to offer FREE PARKING for 90 days.  Alot of people got burned by Direct Air, this would be a great good will gesture and help JetBlue get off to a great start at ORH. 


Jose said...

Advertisements on tv. Living in Milford, I never see any advertisements for anything related to worcester, no sharks, no fly direct air when they flew orh, nothing. If massport can close the deal, a commercial or two would help I think to spread the news

Jahn said...

Jose do you think that people who live in Milford might opt instead for TF Greene or Logan and that's why you didnt see any advertising for Worc Airport in the Milford area?

I am not sure about the time or distance differences. Maybe you might know? I am guessing 40-45 mins to Worc. Airport and that would be from Rte 109 at I-495 And 95% of Milford is to the south and west of I-495

jose said...

jahn, i went to logan recently to pickup/drop off my g/f mother. i paid a total of $7.40 in masspike tolls, $5 to get in n out of boston on masspike, $7 to get out of terminal b at logan, pushing $30 for parking at logan. 41 miles to logan one way. it is 24 miles from my house to worcester airport one way one rt 140/122. tf green airport is about 48 miles on 495/95. what im saying is worcester is so much close and cheaper to fly out of. so again i am surprised that ive never seen any advertisement in my area to fly orh when direct air was here.

jAHN said...

Jose I was thinking that the travel times might all be comparable. I do agree the mileage is more. I also thought that airfare from the other 2 airports might have been less expensive. Evidently that is not the case, but please keep in mind we cant really use Direct Air's ticket prices (79.95 to FL??) as good measuring tool because we all know how they operated.

I was also looking to the future when Worc Airport may have flights to other destinations than FL. and that those flights might be more expensive because the flights from Worc may not fill up they way that flights from Logan or TF Green do.

jose said...


take into account how much i spent on tolls all together, parking, everything. it is almost as much as a one way ticket too nyc. im just surprised to never see any ads in the past to fly direct air out of worcester when they were still in business, when its clearly closer and cheaper in terms of tolls, parking. bill asked the question what can be done to attract customers, i say better advertisements. free parking will certainly help.