January 13, 2013

HUD Report

Can someone from City Council ask:

  1. what is the status
  2. when will we see the report from HUD? 

Every time, I mention anything about Housing I need to say this.   There is nothing anyone can do to stop anyone from developing more "affordable" housing..  All the City of Worcester can do is not subsidize these developments with their HOME funds.   This should in fact be done, recommended by RKG and makes alot of sense since we have already exceeded what is required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.   We can use these HOME funds elsewhere.   

Maybe I should say one more time, there is nothing in the RKG report or anything anyone can do to stop the development of more "affordable" housing..  

BTW, that is why HUD is here.  They are investigating how we spent the HOME funds that we doled out and that it was spent correctly.        


Jahn said...

Can someone from the CC please tell me either why no one has approached the Summer Nat'ls folks and asked them why they are leaving or why supposedly so many CC's are opposed to the Summer Nat'ls, either openly opposed or in the closet opposition. It does bring people & money to the city on 4th July weekend when all the democrat gubmint employees are down Cape Cod. In the last 5 or so years I moved from in favor of the Summer Nat'ls to neutral on them.

Meanwhile back at the ranch we still have every major intersection double teamed or worse yet Menage' Trois'ed with panhandlers. WTH is worse 2 or 3 days of hot rods, old cars, tattoos, some smoke, and some noise.... or..... the people who are greeting all the Worc natives & visitors daily at our major intersections........and the CC will not vote these panhandlers off the island.

And BTW arent noisey fireworks how we celebrate the 4th July? Dittos on the noise and screeching of tires on one particular Mid August weekend at city Hall nonetheless ! Which CC'or would dare oppose that event? Also Dittos on the noise from the Village of Piedmont in June. :).

BTW, is Paulie still with us. LTNS.

I do hope everyone had a nice warm weekend.

Anonymous said...


Nobody with any credibility is claiming there are efforts to halt affordable housing.