January 20, 2013

Girl Scout Cookies & Panhandling

I was at the Webster Square Plaza yesterday buying a couple of things at Shaws.  Saw some girls over by the Radio Shack with a table of Girl Scout Cookies. 

Note not in the street, but on private property.  Went over and bought a couple boxes of Thin Mints.  


Jahn said...

Is it just me and Bob Moylan or does anyone else feel the EPA is absolutely out of control with their edicts, demands, etc. which dump millions and it maybe even billions onto local gov't to pay. They are referred to as unfunded mandates.

It seems to me the EPA goes out of their way to keep their bureacracy growing & growing & growing. Their growth model is strictly about creating crisis where there are none.

Can someone please explain to me why city gov't doesnt call on Jim McGovernment, Kerry(former senator), and Liz Warren to attend a CC meeting and explain to the CC and the taxpayers at the local level how this is supposed to be paid for and why we need it.

SOmeone has to be called on the mat. McGovern will say his hands are tied and that he doesnt control the EPA regulations. Well how about defunding them.

Holly Ricard said...

Thank you for purchasing those Girl Scout cookies! :) You have helped a girl learn GREAT skills (budgeting, goal setting, public speaking, realtionship building, work ethics, etc.)

That was our Girl cookie booth and we definately appreciate your business! :) The Group you helped rely solely on their cookie profits to fund their Girl Scout experience all year long (we meet during the Summer also); we have girls ages Kindergarten to Twelfth grade and we DO NOT charge the families anything other than their yearly National Dues (there is financial assistance for that if needed). The girls take our fall nut sale & calendar drive and our Winter/Spring cookie fundraising seriously as they truly understand what they get out of the experiences! So on behalf of our 26 girls--we would like to say thank you for your support! :) Have a great day!

VioletRose said...

This is one of the oldest and most known fundraising charities! It would be a shame to lose. Those girls work hard and who doesnt love thin mints!! :) Keep up the great work girls!