January 08, 2013

Boston followiing Worcester lead

Panhandling story in Herald

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Jahn said...

Re WoMags piece By Gary Rosen re the Wyman Gordon site didnt hit a home run but it's definitely a solid 3 bagger.

Micro lofts apts for college students totalling 300 sq ft and including a few others amenities and utilities are going to rent for 950$ per month? Did I read that this morning as I was hurriedly rushing out the door?

Is this what was meant by market rate apts in Worcester? Good lord My dog has 100 sq ft den to live in although without a gym, suana, computer, or TV and the landlord pays the heat, too.

From the extreme of too much low income 40b projects to overpriced, oversized dog houses passing as dwelling units?

And here I am thinking market rate downtown housing would be 1000plus sq ft decent sized condos or apts. occupied by people with a fair amt of discretionary, disposable cash. Guess I was too presumptuous????