January 24, 2013


Sorry been a little lax with the blog.  Been spending more time on Twitter especially on the airport .  Find me at @flyorh.

Also try to listen in to WTAG Monday morning will be on 7:35AM talking JetBlue. 


MSWOMer said...

At this point, I think JetBlue flights out of ORH to Florida in 2014 is all but a guarantee. This however does not mean we should rest on our laurels. I feel that the next move to focus our energy on should be to convince JetBlue that there is enough demand to justify a flight a day to New York. Furthermore, that demand cannot draw too greatly from their existing customer base out of Logan. They need significant new blood to justify flights and we could really use some business flights to make ORH successful.

The idea I have would be some kind of pole/petition. It can be broken up into three sections:

First: If JetBlue offered flights out of ORH to New York, would you fly it? Don't show the "No" answers. We just want to see a substantial "Yes" base.

Second: How many times a year would you fly ORH to New York? The local colleges and regional businesses will be huge for this. Take advantage of the existing improvements/plans for the rail lines and transit authority to broaden your impact area.

Third: If ORH did NOT have flights to New York, where would you fly out of for those trips? This is to show that the demand is not pulling from their existing customer base but from their competition.

Compile all of this information and present it to JetBlue, MassPort, and Worcester with the usual fanfare that JetBlue is quickly becoming accustomed to with this city. Canvas the colleges, businesses, Union station, other airports, internet, etc. I apologize. I had all of this planned out far more eloquently prior to work and now it seems a bit haphazard, but what do you guys think? Thanks.

Nick said...

I completely agree MSWOMer! 2-3 daily flights, in addition to 1 daily flight to Orlando and 1 daily to Ft. Lauderdale, would be a perfect scenario. I belive this wouldn't be just a business market, as JetBlue's JFK hub is rather large and leisure as well as business flyers would be able to fly all across the country after connecting. I believe 2-3 daiily 100 seat E190 flights would be just what ORH needs in addition to MCO and FLL

That poll would be a good idea, maybe you could try to set that up along with the Worcester Chamber of Commerce or another company.

MSWOMer said...

Thank you. To truly be successful in the long run, I feel that ORH needs something more consistent/regular than vacation trips (not to say they aren't important). We need a flight to JFK. Most people go on a vacation once a year or longer. People who travel for business often do so several times a year.

The Greater Worcester area has a huge high tech business base to support daily JFK flights. As well as businesses to the west that could travel down the pike/rt. 2. There is a lot of talk of growing/improving the commuter rail system. In addition to this, you have all the colleges that need JFK flights. Little Johnny Freshman from Nebraska who is starting at WPI is going to need at least need 4 flights a year, more if he goes home for things like Thanksgiving. 1 college wouldn't justify it, but Worcester has a lot of worldly colleges.

JetBlue knows about all of this. The news articles always reference how they have met with local business and collegiate representatives. However, if we could make it blatantly obvious how large that potential customer pool is and that they come from non JetBlue areas of impact (ie not Logan and Providence), it wouldn't hurt our chances. Make it very clear to JetBlue that there is major money to be made with a JFK flight.