January 02, 2013

Palladium Theatre


Any idea if this new entity is a non-profit???


David Z. said...

Bill, the gentlemen that has been the promoter at the Palladium for the last several years is buying the place. It will still be on the tax roles.

Anonymous said...

Why does anonymous continue to read your blog if you are so stupid?

I would assume it would not be tax exempt since a promoter bought the facility.

I heard they are rehabbing 2 buildings on main street into apartments for grad students. I am in favor of any main street rehabbing. What do you think, is this a good idea?

a different anonymous guy.

Jahn said...

Interesting thought there Mr Randell. I read the article quickly the other day and wondered to myself exactly what the new owner(s) had planned. Evidently a tear down doesnt seem to be in the cards although the card may be played close to teh vest and I have to wonder if there are other financial backers involved and one name immediately comes to quickly to mind. MAybe 2 names?

The above said, it wouldnt be a bad idea to put the Real estate into a non profit entity which of course would elimnate mucho real estate taxes which based on what the T&G says, I estimate to be in the low 50K range and it might also make the building eligible for Gub'mint money?

Then the owners can start a for profit theatre operating company and grab their piece of the pie that way. I believe this is what the Hand It Over Theater did?

But do Y'all think the gubmint will hand over millions in freebies, subsidies, etc a la The Hand It Over Theatre motis operandi. I tend to doubt it.

Here's to hoping they get some big acts in there and give the Hand It Over Theatre a run for their money. Also they could have their sights set on some of the DCU's market for performing acts.....dittos Mechanics Hall too?

Would be a nice addtion to Main St north of City Hall which to me seeems to be where the focal point of Downtown is headed. Anything south of city Hall has a rather limited amount of geography to spread out on before it runs head on into Main South. Nuttin' against Main South, but this is reality. Even City Hall didnt want to build a new trade school in Gardner Kilby Hammand and that was back 15 years ago when Main South may have been a bit tamer.

Here's wishin gthe new owners success.

Jahn said...

Also meant to add, I guess the new year brings em all outta the woodwork.....huh??

Bill Randell said...

I was simply asking a general question... Look no further then the Hanover..

I wish these new owners and the owners of the two buidlings that are to be rehabbed the most luck in the world..

We need all these projects to be successful.

David Z. said...

Bill, I Googled WWB and found a real estate company with a Spencer address. Could it be the company that Christina owns?

Jahn said...

To Different Anonymous promoter:

The old Palladium could become for profit or not for profit w/o regard to what the occupation of the buyer is, promoter or not.

And also let us not forget The Hand It Over Theatre made their "strategic" move to non profit status AFTER the taxpayers ponied up millions toward the rehab of the place. I am telling everyone, someone dropped the ball at city hall, purposefully or not, because there should have been a clause in any agreement that advanced taxpayer subsidies to The Hand It Over Theatre stipulating the real estate could not be held by a non profit entity. The City left about 1/2 to 3/4 million dollars on the table with that omission...but dammit my real estate tax bill arrived on the 1st business day of the year :(

Jahn said...

Ok, so now SMOC's new facilty on Queen St will be 4 months late opening. Seems the SMOC spokesperson says they ran into "engineering challenges". Interesting, no further details provided. A T&G call to the SMOC's contractor was referred by the contractor back to SMOC. Interesting. Sorry, but I am reading other things between the lines here. $$$$$$$ ???

Here's to hoping they filed new plans with city building officials to accomodate the unexpected "engineering challenges".

Here's also hoping there is no problem with the over crowding that IMO has to be occuring at the PIP shleter with this run of cold weather we've been having and that the city continues to turn a blind eye to it so everyone will have warm place to pass out w/o regard to the city obeying the rules that that promulgate for everyone else to abide by, but which they themselves fail to heed. Once again do as I say, not as i do. I AM FED UP WITH IT