December 03, 2009

$150 Million Fund from Gov Patrick

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BOSTON — Gov. Deval Patrick is rolling out a new $150 million loan fund designed to help create more affordable housing units in Massachusetts.
The fund, created primarily using private resources, is intended to fill the funding gap faced by affordable housing developers unable to get financing for their projects from traditional lenders.
The announcement follows Patrick's decision last week to sign a bill aimed at preserving the state's existing supply of subsidized housing units.
Patrick said about 17,000 units are at risk over the next three years as their owners pay off publicly subsidized mortgages and are able to seek higher, market-rate rents.
Some tenants groups say the new law is too weak and doesn't offer enough protections.


Anonymous said...

Let the other 'gateway cities' have it !!!

Harry T

Jahn said...

Shrewsbury residents in the Lake Quinsig area have signs out to stop the idea of a Worc Park along North Lake Ave & Lake Quinsig.



I got some thots on why they want to stop it, but I will not verbalize them other than to say possible snobbery.

How about a PIP shelter in good ole Shrewsbury. Buy up the Worc City Motel just above Spags. WTH, the place is already has the reputation.

Jahn said...

Bill ,any idea what the stauts of NOLO condo complex at Cambridge/Hacker is.

Still just 3 occupied/sold units?