December 27, 2009

City of Worcester, a bank?

The City Manager has done a real good job. One of the things he says alot is that we should not be in the airport business and should stick with the core responsibilites of city government. I agree. My only problem with the sale of ORH is that we did not do an RFP for the entire airport and solicit proposals to, literally, the world. Instead, we only talked to MassPort, who I still think will make ORH a great airport.
  • Then why are we going into the lending business?
  • Do we have a credit department that analyzes the credit worthiness of the said applicant?
  • What type of billing department do we have?
  • What steps do we take if a loan goes into default?
  • How is our current loan portfolio performing?


Anonymous said...

Scary stuff with all the loans they are backing...

Harry T

Anonymous said...

FYI the Airport parking lot in pretty much full this week.