December 22, 2009

Commercial Activity

If we see Best Buy move to the Route 146 Mall and Sams to the new Wal-Mart Plaza, we just seeing a perpetuation of what has been happening the past 10 years. People with money are moving to the towns thus you see developments like the Route 146 Mall, Solomon Pond Mall in the surrounding towns. Same, I guess, goes for the car dealerships.

What do you expect to happen when you fill the inner core of the City of Worcester with low-mod income developments?


Paulie's Point of View said...

this is the plan..keep the have nots inside the perimeter...and the haves on the perimeter..this way when inside explodes the outsiders can get out of Dodge with out having to run ovah anyone

JSF said...

Where is the "new Wal-Mart Plaza"?

Sprout said...

What are the numbers on new no-low/ mod housing units vs. new market rate units?

Is new market rate housing out numbered by the no-lo's or are we just assuming it is?

Just wondering.

Jahn said...

Speaking of comm. activity, in todays paper (12-23) I read of another attempt by the city to lease space on the 1st fl. of the parking garage where Sh Booms & other businesses used to be located on Worc center Blvd., opposite the new hotel.

The first bid had no bidders.
Seems the city would like a restaurant to go in there, although if there are no bidders for a restaurant, I assume they'd accept another comm venture. FYI to OPCD...the restaurant bizz is in the tank right now.

So ... a so called city planning dept feels they know best what comm. activity should go where. Hey I too, took a couple of night school courses at Phoenix Univ... Urban Geography, Urban Econ., etc....and I couldnt even pass the firemans exam...!!!!!...and I didnt have the grease to get on the city OPCD.

Just put the lease out to bid and let the market place determine what goes into that site. If OPCD doesnt like the bids, they have the right to reject any & all bids w/o recourse by teh bidder.

This notion of $150,000 upfront money (not sure if loan or grant) to install "grease" equipment or a $250,000 at 6.5% for tenant fit upwork is assinine. Let the bidder do the tenant fit up on their own dime. I mean what if the city fronts all this money and 2 yrs later the business is in Chapter 11? I can assure you the owner who gave the personal loan gaurantee will also be judgement proof, too. The city should not be in the Home Fries Funds lending business.

Jahn said...

JSF , did u flunk Urban Geographty too....j/k......Wally World is on the south bound side of the "new" Rte 146 where American Steel & Wire used to be back in America's haydays.

Another sign of the times........United Steelworkers former place of employment replaced with Wally World. I think that Wally World is going to be a Super Walmart??? Does anyone know?

JSF said...

Jahn, Thanks for the geography lesson.

I don't get down 146 much these days. If Sam's moves down there, I guess I'll drop my membership. It's not too convenient from Shoes-berry.