December 13, 2009

48 Mason Street

The City of Worcester sold this property on November 5, 2005 and here are some of the terms in the deed:
  1. Commence land development within one year
  2. Complete development within two years
  3. Land shall not be used for the storing or dumping of trash or refuse

It has been four years, development has not started although the land was used to store fill when the new Worcester Sttate Parking garage was built.

1 comment:

Jahn said...

Did they get a special permit to store fill from the ZBA?

I saw that fill there a few years ago and had assumed it was to be used to fill in the hole that I assumed they would have to excavate to remove all the contaminants. On the same hand I thought it quite a large amt. of fill for that purpose, but I am not knowledgable about that kind of work either.

Then of course there is Worc Common Grounds continual violation of teh citys nuisnace ordinance with their 4 to 6 ft weed growths on that site every summer. That stuff is clearly illegals weed(s). ANy possible medicinal uses.

Worst part is WCG is rumored to rat out private property owners in that area.

If anything is built on that site w/in the next 5 years I will buy both Paulie and Bill a gift certificate to the Nissans Bakery Thrift Store. Harry gets a gift certificate to the Sole for two dinners

Ya know these guys s/b made to post performance bonds with Office of Neighborhod services.

Dittos for another developer who has not performed on another similar bid, yet claims a love affair with the Village of Piedmont.