December 18, 2009


Nick K had an update in the Telegram today, click here.

Couple points were left out that I would like to add. This bid was awarded in January of 2008 (almost two years ago) with construction to start last Spring. To date the winning bidder has yet to take title. In addition the the City of Worcester is guaranteeing a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Section 108 loan program administered by the city in the amount of 2.5 million that was never in the initial RFP.

Bottom line nearly two years later,

  • title has not transferred
  • lot itself is still a mess
  • no taxes have been paid
  • City of Worcester is now on the hook on a 2.5 million dollar loan.


Jahn said...

Sidewalks shoveled 2 weeks ago?......

Does city Hall have a printing press in the cellar like Washington DC does?

So............if health ins passes ( I hope knot) and it cost teh city $80M annually for health insurance.........which can I assume the $80M "new found MOney" will go towared reducing property taxes............what a great time that would be to use the 80M toward tax rate parity for Comm. ve residential property

Anonymous said...

Looks like Delta is going to take on Allegiant in the Orlando market.. It was only a matter of time till they attracted enough attention for one of the mainlines to step in. Will be interesting to see how it plays out. Delta has much more resources, and this could cause Allegiant to have to dump some of their smaller routes.

4rilla said...

Pharmasphere sidewalks not shoveled from this last storm.