December 07, 2009

Branson's latest


Anonymous said...


Don't get me started!

Harry T

Jahn said...

Did I read last week that Worc has started another gun buy back program or was that in Boston?

Anyway, today I heard an ad on WTAG from a co. in Vt. saying to call them re your unwanted guns and they will pay top dollar.

Got to love these enterprising entrepeneurs....the minute a locale starts a gun buy back program they show up in town (or the area) and start advertising their buy back program.

What Worc really needs is a pitbull buy back program. a.k.a euthanasia.

City dog officers pick up pitbulls on Worc's street......bring em to Animal rescue league.....which then puts them up for adoption. Now If I had a gun to your head would you say those pitbulls are adopted and taken to new homes in Worc. or in the suburbs??