December 08, 2009

Hadley Update

Lately I have had a few people, after talking to me, say something along the lines "don't put this on the blog". Let me take a moment to set the record straight. The goal of my blog is to make Worcester a better place, not to make anyone look bad. A place that I have invested my whole life and alot of money in to. The last thing I am want to do with this blog is to hurt Worcester. I know that sounds corny, but it is true,

Remember last year when I commented on the fact the most, if not all the apartments, were low to mod income and Gabe countered that the second phase would consist of market rate condos. Let me ask you a question, Gabe do anyone really think market rate condos are coming to this location???

For now, I will even settle for a parking lot for the apartments that have been built. Drive by and check out the parking lot. Trick question, there is no parking lot. Sure there is an empty area, where cars park, but a up to code parking lot is suppose to have set backs for green area sand property drainage.

This lot has none of this. Imagine if a private developer did this?? Once again, another example, of two sets of rules. How does one get an occupancy permit when there is no parking lot for the apartments?


Sprout said...

Nothing wrong with corny.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Paulie's Point of View said...

check out the cars parked in the rear every night..pretty damn nice ones..amazing to me the price they are charging for those brand new flats...$700 and includes h&e...

Anonymous said...

I live there. I pay market rate. I like it.

Jahn said...

Anonymous, a couple of questions please.

How large is your unit (sq ft),

how many BR's,

how many Baths,

how many rooms

How many windows,

is it a corner unit,

do you have an assigned parking spot(s) and if so free or at what cost

Monthly rent

heat and or Elec included in rent?


Jahn said...

The Lemon Lime Ledger today( 12-9) reports a new 14 unit (beds?) sober house in the elm park area only 1 block away from an existing 1/2 way house.

I thought zoning req'd 1/2 way houses to be 1,000 apart or is it 500 ft???

The Ledger also states that Ms Barbaba Haller was surprised she or the city Manager werent advised of the siting by Spectrum house organization who she says has a good reputation for running these places. (So good in fact they shoulda put one up on Whisper Drive? Right Jordan?)

Well Ms, Haller, the Chandler St 'hood was quite surprised that you never advised them of the make over of Comm Health Link into a so called sober facility. You did know.....right??

What comes around..............

Jahn said...

Can we help out this greater Worc area mechanic who was tragically killed on the Mass Mike yesterday while repairing a disabled tractor trailer?

How about some of the thousands (millions?)of money that was supposed to be used to build a huge monument in Salisbury park for the firemen be given to this mechanics family so his kids can at least go to college. The firemen have a nice monument to their fallen Worc well they should have

How about foregoing another monument and helping some other familes whose bread winner was also tragically killed in the line of his "duty"

I am telling you, trucking is a much more dangerous occupational category than firefighting...but you'd never know it based on media reports.

Bill Randell said...


You really do not think that post was from a real tenant that lives in the Hadley.

Surely you jest?


Jahn said...

Actually I did think of that and figured if it was real tenant, we might get a response, if not a real tenant then no response.

I figure maybe it's prob. the anonymous who works at the airport?

Jahn said...

Talk about diff. strokes for diff folks in the public sector vs. those in the private sector...........

The T&G TODAY(12-10) reports the school dept apparently knowingly removed asbestos from a city school building and neither removed it properly nor stored it properly.

Now I will tell you I know of an individual and a contractor who mistakenly & unknowingly removed asbestos and were fined 25,000 & 30,000 respectively and one of them almost did jail time.

Yet the city KNOWINGLY violates the asbestos laws and rather than getting the $75,000 fine that would have been imposed they are merely req'd to set up plans for handling hazardous disposals in the future and submit thos plans to the proper authorities.

A demo company razed a building on Main St at the intersection of Central St about 15 yrs ago and there was asbestos in it and a company guy, per the T&G years ago, did jail time for it.......a few yrs I was told.

I tell you, you wonder why people are fed up with diff standards.

Did Wormie drive by Phil Palmieri's house yesterday to see if Snow pLow Phil did his walks???? I wonder if he now has to do 2 sets of sidewalks .... one at his alleged north end "former residence" and one at his alleged current east side residence? What dam charade

jeepcj85 said...

i know a few people who live in this building and pay market rent....i think he told me he pays around $700/mo. Im not sure if he has assigned parking, as you know the lot in the rear isnt paved. Also, Im not sure the status, but Bone BBQ and Blues, a restaurant involving Niche Hospitality was supposed to go in on the ground floor. As I remember, the original plan was to build another building with a parking structure on that rear lot.

Anonymous said...


*How large is your unit (sq ft), dunno exactly. The ~800ft advertised seems right, maybe even low

*how many BR's, 1BR

*how many Baths, 1 bath

*How many windows, 3

*is it a corner unit, No

*do you have an assigned parking spot(s) and if so free or at what cost, No & free

*Monthly rent, $950

*heat and or Elec included in rent? yes

...and I'm real.

I appreciate what you're trying to do with the blog, and I don't doubt your love of Worcester, but as someone who has lived in several other cities and in each of them been among the first wave of gentrification, I don't think you "get" what brings my type around. There are other reasons to love Worcester, is all I'm saying