December 05, 2009

National Low Income Housing Coalition

President, Sheila Crowley, of the National Low Income Housing Coalition was in the City of Worcester as the featured speaker at the annual meeting of the Central Mass Housing Alliance as reported by the Telegram today.

They only want 15 Billion, let me say that again BILLION over the next 10 years. If the Feds do not commit to that, then just 1 BILLION for this year. But there is more:
  • Limit the deduction of mortgage interest to end at $400,000, not the current $1,000,000. Can you imagine the effect this would have on houses priced over $400,000, if you could not deduct the mortgage interest?
  • Urged a federal tax credit for renters. Again effect would this have on the home building industry?
  • Double the number of the nation's 2 million Section 8 vouchers

The one the blows me away was her line "home buyer tax credits, will not stimulate new housing, she said, but is directed at upper income housing purchasers, most of whom would have bought those homes regardless of the credit." Nothing could be further from the truth. Home buyer credit has been the impetus for many first time home-buyers, who are not upper income, to buy a house.

Bottom line is that the National Low Income Housing Coalition wants to promte rentals not the American Dream of home ownership.

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Jahn said...

Yet the Low Income Housing Tax Credit has stimulated the building of 10's of thousnads of low income housing units since it was implemented back in the mid 1980's and the writers Nat'l Coalition wouldnt even be in existence w/o this tax credit.

Yet she ssays the recent Home Buyer Tax Credits dont stimulate anyone to buy who wanst already in the market to buy anyway.

Pricless.......these low income housing advocates are the same acorns that fall off the same trees as all these other advocacy groups who want to have everything both $300,000 a pop to build a dog house sized 1,000 sq ft unit that is even tied into municipal sewerage lines