December 24, 2009

Chistmas Wish List

Merry X-mas to all

  1. A task force is convened to look at the dual rate tax system and review options like Citizens for Business Philadelphia Plan
  2. I lose my bet with Dave Zimage
  3. Al Maykiel is reimbursed for his facade project by the City of Worcester before 2010
  4. No more low-mod income housing developments in 2010
  5. The Chandler NRSA receives more monies to continue the good work that we have been doing
  6. The Chamber of Commerce does something, anything


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all the Silly Bloggahs!

Harry T

JSF said...

I think the former Salter School would be a great spot for the next low income development.

The city denied a permit to expand the parking, but they can simply get a waiver because it will be a low income project.

The neighbors were pretty adamant that they didn't want the school there, so I'm sure they would welcome the new neighbors with open arms.

David Z. said...

Merry Christmas to all and to all a CitySquare night!

We'll all be toasting the long awaited groundbreaking very soon!

Jahn said...

Wishing awl my fellow ORH bloggers a very Merry Christmas day.

My wish list is very simple. However, I will not get into it on Christmas day.

signman said...


same list Dennis coming through as promised at stakeholders meeting and as promised and supported by B.H..... mo money for Chandler NSRA.. second the council starts to support currant business's $250,000.00 for restaurant at M.J. garage?? now I have heard everything.... Merry Christmas..

Paulie's Point of View said...

gonna take more than CitySquare to turn this city around Dave Z....I was an enthusiast like you DZ but after getting my hands dirty in neighborhood happenings over the past 7 years and finding out how much disdain folks have for WooTowns urban core I do not see CitySquare being the savior it has been touted to many folks are afraid to do what a few of us have done and that is to take a chance in the urban core and this also means downtown...lot of talk from a small percentage but very few laying down real roots..and that means buying real property and fixing up and living in it...and being part of a neighborhood...most neighborhood groups in the urban core have been created to combat terror..few have gone the next step to forge the path of a neighborhod....the PIP moving and very few being part of the resolution is a prime example..

After Joe O'Brien and a few associates..I think you will find very few rah rahing his accension that are willing to do what he and his wife did and that is be part of the community they hope to change....I ask folks on a daily basis what it would take for them to lay down roots in the urban core and every time I get the look of "yah right, you are on your own"

Salter School and the Montvale issue should be enraging more property owners than it is...the taking of property rights like is being done at 1 Montvale is border criminal and I hope that couple fights this tooth and can be sure that this is not lost of new educated middle class folks looking at WooTown as an option is difficult fighting city hall but I hope this couple does and wins..I am inclined to send this couple a check to assist with legal fees and may just do so in support!

Jahn said...

I have been thinking about you Chandler St business group guys and the "issues" (I assume here) you're having with getting your facade program moving/rolling/completed or what ever the problem(s)are. E.g. Not being in the favored inner circle of Worc players.

Matthew 25, a lesser and lower profile player on the low income housing scene in Worc is currently building a duplex on benefit st (or Kilby?). They are using the kids from the trade school to get teh house built. Agreed it's a good exp. for the kids who work in their given trades under the guidance of licensed tradesmen/teachers.

But it troubles me when I see these kids being used to constr non profit housing in Worc. Non profits gets all kinds of money from those who pay taxes to basically hand off money to those who dont pay taxes or pay little in taxes.

Why cant you get these kids from trade school to work helping the Worc. business person who is not a non profit. City tax dollars paid by city businesses (double tax dollars actually) that are used to train and educate aspiring tradesmen should come back FIRST & FOREMOST to local Worc businesses in the form of free or low cost student labor. Instead this labor is being used to benefit non profits and drag down Worc's demographics. This makes no CENTS.

So..........can we get the trade school kids to help offset the labor costs of the facade program and/or make the facade dollars go further?

Signman, maybe the new year will bring you a new, completely broomed Office of Neighborhood Services to deal with. The office is all about helping out the poor (allegedly) and local favored players on teh Worc dev'ment scene. Does anyone ever hear of neighborhood services over on Montvale St rendering "services". IMO, it's strictly about services for the more "disenfranchised" sections of the in Paulies Pajamaville.

All the city auditors have to do is pull up all the RFp's for the last 10 yrs from EONS and then cross check the RFP requiremnts to what actually occurred and unless they are Stevie Wonder it will be as clear as the hand in front of their face. The bovine fecal matter may have hit the fan over there at 44 Front St and if it splatters across the streeet to 440 Main St there may be hell to pay.

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