December 15, 2009

Illegal Signs hurt Worc revenues and local businesses

Queston. Wonder why a person is putting this sign up at dusk?

Answer. They figure by doing at night they will can avoid any permitting fees or engineered plans that may be required.
Question. How does an a sign company that pulls permits and does what is required (engineered plans) compete with this?
Answer. They can't.
Not only does the City of Worcester lose revenues, but sign companies that follow the rules lose business and may end up having to lay off employees. I suggest that the City of Worcester go around and check out signs that suddently appear like this one put up last week and make sure that the appropriate permits have been pulled and that they are in compliance with all zoning requirements.


jahn said...

Clark Univ reports they will be "carbon Neutral" soon. What a joke.

Bunch of tree huggers who have either directly or indirectly been responsible for the destruction and carting to the dump of of how many 3 deckers over these last 15-20 years?

God, they cleared the entire Maywood/BeaverBrook/Florence Sts block of at least a dozen 3 deckers over the carted away to be burned or buried.

Then there is Beacon Brightly which is really all about Clark University expanding it footprint & reach. It is secondarily about new housing in Main South. I wonder how many inner city kids really get to use that gynmasium they built up agaisnt the RR tracks?

Then 40 years ago they built that monstrosity of a library that has (or had) about 80% of the building made from glass walls and even Pajama People know glass is the worlds worst insulator. I even think is (or was) heated by electric, too?

What a bunch of pie in the sky hypocrites...!! Y'all suppose they'll also reduce their carbon emissions by smoking fewer Left Handed Luckies?

Dew as Eye say, naut as Eye dew...!!!!!

Mike Obrien really sounded upbeat this morning on Bluto's show. Reading between the lines a City Sq announcement may be soon?

Anonymous said...


I am going to like some of your other bloggers and blog twice on this. This blog came from this email I sent out to you and a few others.

I know we said no emails but here is another example of this city never changing. This bozo has staging set up on corner of Mason and Chandler blocking the sidewalk installing a sign... I am sure he is insured... carries workman's comp etc..has this sign engineered per State code (hanging over the public way) that is why he is doing the install at three thirty when the inspectors are not around...oh yeah one last thing... working out of a pick-up with a expired inspection sticker.. July 09... All this in an area we are trying to improve..... PRICELESS!!!!!

signman said...

This one (of many) got my goat for the fact I gave a price on doing a sign here and added the cost of permits which are $200.00 with fees. I lose for
my price is higher right there.

The second issue it hangs over the public way which requires a engineers drawing which runs $250.00 up. The third issue it requires a licensed electrician to hook up the sign which triggers another permit. This one guy working out of a pick -up etc. as listed above installed this and hooked it up with none of the permits or insurance that is required of me. So do the math. She saved $500.00.

A main issue on this sign it is not to code over hangs the public way, more than six feet.

I have called code on issues like this and they do follow through and go after the ones I call on. But I cannot and will not complain all day long.

The above is my comment also

T-Traveler said...

why not remove the regulation of sign installation