December 26, 2009

Major Taylor Loan

I have been thinking about this.. Trust me I have become quite familiar with some of the City of Worcester internal accounting practices as a member of the board of directors of the South Worcester Neighborhood Center and with the Chandler NRSA. Jahn, not only is having two sets of books (on completely different platforms) common practice, but actually reconciling them to make sure that they are in agreement is seldomly done. My point being, before the City of Worcester does any more loans a City Councilor should request an update on:

  • all existing loans
  • status (current, behind etc)
  • amount owed

Before any more loans are considered.


jAHN said...

I know 2 different bean counters who say the citys books are a mess as far how they cost things(if at all). They say we've got a 1/2 billion $$$$$$ city services operation and no accounting system that acurately tracks expenses......frankly they claim there is no system in place to track expenses & costs on a contemporaneous total weekly or monthly or annual basis ....nor is there any way to track per unit expenses.....e.g. labor costs per hour.......or overhead.etc etc......

They claim we have engineers over in DPW who do costing work........that's like hiring a nerdy, fat, old, white haired, 1/2 dead, Coke Bottled Glasses wearing bean counter to solve the problems of roadway underpinnings that are experiencing severe horizontal and vertical movements.

No one in the city finacial offices knows anything about cost bookkeeepping systems or if they do they dont implemnt them. The pols purposely want it this way...........b/c if the electorate really knew what it costs on an hourly basis to keep a trash hauler or a clerk or a tractor backhoe operator on the city payroll they would be so shocked that they would ++++ their pants..........the costs including bennies would floor most of us.

How to solve the problem ........ tell guy glodis (who couldnt pass a QCC introductory bookeeeping course) to forget about state auditor run and run for City Worc Chief cost officer..... loll............he can bone up on his bokkeepeing skills this winter semester at teh Assumption College extension campus over at MLK Empowerment Center in Piedmont Village....theys till do offer courses there????????........

I AM NOT IMPLYING any wrong doing here.........but city hall should establish a blue ribbon committe to review its bookkeeping systems...........

jahn said...

I'll front Paulie a Suneys Fish & chip dinner plus a Guiness if they even get any takers on this RFP.

May be Worc Common Ground(s)can open a yuppie cofffe shoppe there........but not before they sit on their winning bid proposal for 4-1/2 years.

I am curious.....who handles the awarding of this bid..............please dont tell me neighborhood services does over at 44 Front St....... (as in front me $150,000 for a grease-o-laytor ventilation system and another $250,000 for tenant fit up).......let's at least hope if it happens that they hire local HVAC guys, contractors, etc....hey wait...... on 2nd thot..........let the kids from trade school do it for the cost of materialls only.....why not save the taxpayers the cost of the labor??

Sorry......guess i should try to be less cynical on the day after Christmas........what can I say...the raping of Worc taxpayers never stops for Haul Aahhh Daize season & goes on 24/7/365......Missle Tow and all

Jahn said...

I read todays Sunday T&G (12-27)a short while ago

Dare I ask:

a. Should the Worc Housing Authority be in the birth control and/or the sex education business??

b. Are teen pregnancy issues part of the WHA mission or policy statement?

c. Did WHA Board of Directors approve this foolishness or was this all merely 100% the doing of the WHA CEO?.

d. Would it be a leap of logic to assume that clearly the WHA has money to burn and should ahve its budget slashed for next fiscal year?

e. Did WHA get Havana Jim Mc govern bucks from Washington DC for this idiocy?

f. Should this be deemed Stimulus or Non Stimulus funds?

g. What's next Masters & Johnson partners up with Dr Ruth Westheimer and starts building and renting housing projects?

h. Should WHA just be farmed out to a private real estate management compnay?

i. Will the WHA be able to show the taxpayers raw, hard data as to the total number of teen pregnancies prevented...kinda like Obama can show us "jobs saved" with his economic programs.

j. Is thsi enough to make anyone shake their head in disbelief?

Jahn said...

Bill did you drop 2 lbs thsi past week? Congrats on the will power if you did!!!!!!!

Paulie, how much did u gain this last week? Get back down in that dungeon...NOW!!!!!! No waiting until Jan 1st.