September 15, 2007

Airport Land RFP

There is a report in Tuesday night's City Council meeting regarding the one bidder for the parcel of land, click here. After reviewing the one bid for four months, Winward Aviation has a six month option (October, 2007 thru March, 2008) to lease one or both of the parcels. During this 6 month period Winward will perform a market survey to determine the need for additional T-hangars.

Should they, Winward, not have conducted this market study before bidding on the parcels?? At the end of the 6 months, if Winward decides that there is no demand do they lose their deposit, which I believe was $10,000???


Anonymous said...

Until there is a definitive authority at the airport whether it be Massport, a private group, et al, I think the airport will remain a tough sell.
As a business entity I would want to know exactly who is in charge before making a capital investment.

Anonymous said...


1. i conjecture that in march of '08 there will be another 6 month extension b/c the airports future wiil still be up in the air.

2. they will get their deposit back regardless of the outcome.

3. Massport handled the how can they award a land lease (or a sublease) for land that they may never own or lease (from worc) themselves.

4. WWho's holding the deposit Massport orr Worc?

5. b/c there s only 1 bidder...... gues who's probably in the drivers seat.....the winning bidder told Worc/Massport...we arent going through with this until we know who owns the what can Worc/massport do? beg em to stick around for 6 more months......just look at the waek excuse the bidder gives for sticking around.....mor etime for a marketing study ??? Bill said........any market studies were done long ago before placing a 10K deposit on the line........the 5 year old kid down my street can lie better than this!!!!

Bill Randell said...


You are right... I would never agree to lease a parcel of land not knowing what the future holds. Why did we bother to do the RFP??

Jahn, you are right too. That is why Winward wants to wait 6 months so they can see what the airport will look like under new mgmt on Janaury 1st.