September 07, 2007

Worcester Love

Another great episode on Tu Moda


Anonymous said...

Will Worcester Luv be at tomorrows Fletcher Fest in the so called Canal District (currently known as the gritty, industrial Banal District).

We oughta put a sign on Water St: "ADOPT A CANAL".... b/c as a city taxpayer i sure as hell aint to keen about paying for this. Maybe Mr Fletcher will be titheing 10% annually toward its upkeep.

I musta missed the airport ORH Fest this wait!!!!!! there a Locopallozza Fest up there soon?

Let;s first be able to care for the parks we already own b4 we go copying Cianci.

Betcha a Grant that Zoback will not publish this blogger in next weeks WOmag!

Anonymous said...

Actually that's not such a bad idea of hosting a music fest or more appropriately an air show especially now while there's no commercial flights.

Great press, chance to invite private investors, and opportunity for the public to meet ,greet and introduce aviation to both old and young.