September 26, 2007

VLJ Story

Good story in the Boston Globe, click here.


Anonymous said...

Kudos to Swissport for a positive comment dated September 22,2007 found on the link. Keep up the good work in representing our airport

Bill Randell said...

Again I wonder who looks for comments that compliment Swissport on Airnav and then post that there has actually been something positive said about SwissPort.

Potential Answers:

A) someone from Swissport
B) someone from Swissport
C) someone from Swissport
D) all the above

Anonymous said...

Maybe Swissport should have kept quiet. The September 27th entry isn't too flattering.

Anonymous said...

Swissport is a professional organization. Always upfront,great professional personnel . A fine outfit that has given countless hours ,material, and money to promote and support the airport.

No other entity at the airport can come close!!.

Nuff said.