September 30, 2007


Every Sunday I pick up the Sunday paper and read the usual columns-Kotsopoulos, Williamson and Nemeth. I keep waiting for the latest story from past Airport Commissioner and Chairman Nemeth on the airport and each week there is nothing.

Although we were suppose to have wrapped up negotiations with MassPort this past July 1st, but but instead had to sign another 6 month extension which I estimate costs the tax-payers $100,000 per month. Although we are 3 months into the 6 extension and have no updates on the MassPort negotiations. Although we have spent approximately $200,000 on IMG to help recruit and retain a commercial airline and have no idea where they stand on any negotiations. Although we still have not seen the Airport Master Plan that was supposed to be released last Spring. Despite all of these reasons why we need a story on the airport, still no story.

I am sure Mr Nemeth will write a glowing story over the next three months how signing a long-term lease with MassPort, where they take over the operating deficit while we keep paying the debt service (600,000 per year), was the right thing to do. Wonder if he will ever write a story about the mismanagement that past ten years, where he played a lead role.


Anonymous said...


Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

Anonymous said...

The last Commission minutes seemed to make it clear to me. The Commission has no real role in the oprerations of the airport so the mismanagement you mention is Massport and they are destined to take it over at some point lock stock and barrel!!??

Bill Randell said...


Question 1: Why did we have to give up mgmt to MassPort in the first place?

Answer: Mismanagement

Question 2: If the current commission is responsible for nothing, why do they even meet?

Answer: Anonymous fill us in

Anonymous said...

Bill, dont you know that is more important to knock Grace Ross (carpetbagger) and Bill Coleman ( perennial candidate) than it is for Mr Nemeth to print anything meaningful about the airport?

Besides how would I know who to vote for absent Mr Nemeths opinions about the candidates.

Re-iterarting my opionin here......Massport will not take over until July 1, 2008, at the earliest and in 3-4 more months I will probably have to move that date forward again to 2009?

Anonymous said...

On an unrelated note....

Go Red Sox !!! Go Phillies !!!!

Why Phillies?!?!?!? Because they started out originally as the Worcester Ruby Legs (1880-1882) …

Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA


Massport sucks!

Bill Randell said...


Did you check out the comments had about Germain and Ball?? First he questioned how Germain could coach, while on disabiltiy. Evidently Mr Nemeth is now adoctor. Then he proceeded to say Mr Ball really has nothing going for him except the smiley face. I hear him on the radio last week and he sounded very intelligent.

Then Mr Nemeth questions why more people do not get involved???


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you're not impressed by Mr. Nemeth's trip to Hungary. I'm surprised he didn't include a link for all us commoners and political dolts to view his pictures from the trip. What's really shocking is his call for positive change when in fact there has been little lasting change at ORH during his tenure as both a commissioner and Chairman of the airport commission.
To take a page out his book of name calling, long live the Red "Ink" Baron.

Bill Randell said...

Isn't ironic that a guy who works for a newspaper and the whole freedom of the press, transparency in government, the public has a right to know etc, has been involved in the leadership of a public entity that tells the citizens of Worcester nothing. Not only does he not use his position to inform the public, but he uses it as a bully pulpit.

Rich Ball and Mike Germain deserve an apology from Mr Nemeth.

Anonymous said...

Gee, now only 14 states don't have Allegiant air service ...

To quote the famous Bill Randell "We REALLY Blew it !!!"

Harry Tembenis

Anonymous said...

Also to blame here is the city council who will not tackle the real issues facing Worc.

Instaed they vote themselves pay raises, barely balance the city budget, worry about drug addict needle disposal sites, make assinine & meaningless resolutions, WANT TO OPEN NEW PARKS when we cannot maintain the ones we now own, want to install new 511 systems while the rest of outr infrastructure is crumbling... AND they CONTINUALLY RUN FOR RE-ELECTION .......meanwhile basic quality of life issues like properly paved steets & sidewalks play 2nd fiddle & the average city employee takes 10 sick days per year (prob all monday & fridays ,too)

Sad part is most of these folks will be re-elected b/c they bow at the city employee compensation altar

Anonymous said...

i think nemeths care takers feed him extra strength mushrooms and he spews out a column that makes no sense unless you, as the reader, are also on the same diet. its a wild ride man. nemeth is the way the new t&g bosses, who work for the new york offices, make worcester look silly. so with that, why would anyone want to invest in worcester let alone its airport?