September 19, 2007

Worcester Airport Commission

I found yesterday's blog regarding the Cambria Airport's Commission actions regarding the Johnstown Airport facility to be one of the most refreshing items that I have read in a very long time. Imagine an airport commission to take it upon themselves to terminate the current employees and to contract with the FBO to run the daily operations to save the tax-payers??

What can or does our current Airport Commission do?? Review the September 14, 2007 blog below. The current role of the Airport Commission has changed "dramatically" under the operating agreement with MassPort, but there is still a "significant" role for the commission. What is it? I have no idea!!! Looking at the monthly minutes, not much there unless you are very interested in photo-shoots or the never ending repairs to hangar 2. If you want to know the monthly operational losses, the ongoing negotiations with potential airlines or the status of discussions with MassPort, do not look here.

Right now we have a asset owned by the taxpayer's of the City of Worcester called the Worcester Regional Airport that is about to make a huge decision on the future fate the next 20 years (guesstimate) effective January 1st, 2008, I wish we had an airport commission like the Cambria Airport Commission that realized their importance representing us.

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