September 25, 2007

Airport Personnel

When was the last time has anyone heard anything in the newspaper, radio or television from Airport Director Waldron or Airport Liaison Niddrie?


Anonymous said...

They should prob s/b called Massport Director (West) & Massport Liason (West)

OK we got the city budget balanced (supposedly). So now I wanna know the tax rate. Will we set a rate before the elections?

I predict thsi yrears budget will be in deficit before the fiscal year end of June '08.

Ya supposse they will be cutting any wages/bennies in the upcoming contract talsk with city unions. If not plan on an even deeper financial hole for fiscal '09 Deeper than any canal that you can re-construct.

Anonymous said...

Bill, when that new 311 system ever gets up & can just call 311..........for whatever you need............s/b almost an instantaneous response......what ever you get.....or it s ratcheted up to a higher authoroity.........if youre unhappy w/ the 1st response to your request...(or the non response)

I was in VT today I noticed their state DOT ( DPW) has a 511 system according to what i saw on the side of state dpW trucks

Anonymous said...

Arthur used to like to tell the story about how Duddie almost land on I-290 because he thought it was the runway at the airport.