October 12, 2007

Airport Commission Minutes

The most recent minutes on-line are still from July 9th. .


Anonymous said...

Someone suggested I contact the City Clerk regarding minutes of the DCU Center, Parks and Elections Commissions and Library Board, Off-Street Parking Commission etc. They do not have them. Any ideas? Seems like they are not availble anywhere.

Anonymous said...

No problemo !!

Call the DCU Center or Parks Or Elections or Library or Off street parking folks??????

Give them a good talk up

Or call city hall

799-1000 I think???

No luck there......call your councillor

No luck there call the manager

No luck there call Rushford (or the law department) and tell them you'll be calling Boston if you dont get minutes by a certain date. I say the law departemnt only because they dont want to hauled into court over something like this kind of penny ante stuff.

No luck there then try the courthouse.

Dave from Worcester said...

I don't know why it takes 2 months to post the minutes, there is no reason in my mind for it

Bill Randell said...

Who knows maybe we will get lucky this Sunday and Mr Nemeth will write something about the importance of the transparency of gov't.

Anonymous said...

Called them. They don't post minutes. Did't say they wouldn't, just don't at this time. I can get them if I want a hard copy.

Bill Randell said...


The don't post minutes??? I am asking for a hard copy and I will post them,