October 16, 2007

Airport Minutes for September On-line

Well they are on-line, click here. Many times I have commented that the DOT grant of some 455,000 had been wasted. In fact go to my May 7th blog which I detailed how monies have been spent to date:

IMG 101,262.90
Advertising 44,989,.37
Allegiant 23,615,.51
Events 11,776.82
Recruitment Material 9,750.00
LaMar 8,610.00
WXLO 5,060.00
Telegram 3,720.00
Tornadoes 3,200.00
Creedon 2,515.10
CommunityAdvocate 2,500.00
Charter 2,400.00
WSRS 2,300.00
Waldron 1,947.60
Guertin Graphics 1,560.50
Radio Ad 1,500.00
DocentServices 1,260.00
Vocero 1,198.12
Printing 1,001.15
Worc Chamber 1,000.00
Fliers 920.00
Curry Copy 719.16
Ballons 275.00

Total 234,321,.20

We are reimbursed at a rate of 72.73% so if all of these expenses were approved (assume that they were), ORH has received 170,421.79. I believe the initial grant was for 455,000 so it appears to me that we have 285,000 remaining in our Small Community Air Service Grant.

In the September minutes it was noted that the three year grant expires on September 9th, but that a two year extension was requested. My translation of this is that we in essence have lost the remaining 285,000 in grant monies. Maybe we should have used this 285,000 and the 100,000 on to keep Allegiant at ORH??? Keep in mind by not have 10,000 passengers this year, we lose another 1,000,000 from the FAA for not have primary airport status.

In other developments hangar 2 repairs are not done yet and the Master Plan is not done yet. Another great two months at ORH.


Anonymous said...



Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

Bill Randell said...


Thanks for the compliments.. At the same time I take not satisfaction that reading the ORH minutes is similar to watching Bill Murray in Ground Hog's day.

Nothing would make me happier then if the DOT had been spent to keep Allegiant flying out of ORH, hangar 2 repairs were completed and the Master Plan was publicized. All I can do here is report on what I read and it is plain to see nothing gets done here now.


Anonymous said...

Funny how a 2 year extension ...WAS.... requested.....yet was there any mention of this request in previous meetings???

If only the walls of the Worcester Club or the Millbury T & G could speak .....let's unmask these Meetings before Halloween and get the Pumpkin People from the AG's office to look into this mascarade/charade

Bill Randell said...

This was never ever mentioned before and we away the grant!!! I remember three years ago when Congressman McGovern worked hard to get it and we did not even use it.

Truly sad.