October 08, 2007

Airport Minutes

October 8th and the last minutes on line are from July 9th. August and September still not on line. All of the other boards that are on-line at the City of Worcester website are current. The Airport Commission is by far the worst at 1) be timely and 2) giving details.


Anonymous said...

Imagine if you re a shareholder of General Electric and the Board of Directors of GE meeets monthly and it takes 2 months after the meeting date to get the BOD mins up on the interent. Where I come from the shareholders would immediately be up in arms and there would a stern verbal warning after the 1st delay to the responsible party.......next time it happened the responsible party would show up to work......and

1. they'd be escorted to the door by Company security,

2. forced to turn in their key,

3. the contents of their desk would be in storage boxes in the parking lot awaiting their departure and

4. their bank account would be flush with any back pay owed.

5. personnel would give them an exit interview.

BTW, who is charged with this task at ORH?

Imagine if Moylan was 2 months behind in weekly trash collections or I was 2 months behind in property tax payments?

Bill Randell said...


It was pointed out to me the other day how accurate, detailed and timely the other board meeting minutes are. Although I never checked them out, I did.

To be honest I was quite impressed with all the other boards. EVERY SINGLE ONE. It really is impressive.

Then you check out the airport and it is nothing short of a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Bill, unfortunately your last sentence says it all about our airport and rarely is a word spoken by our Council about this situation.

The "children", Yellow Boxes, the Sudan, give aways to non profits, and trashing developers seem to be the priorities of the day. None of em, except Lukes, will touch the hard issues.... e.g. our city is bankrupt when future obligations to retired employees are factored in.

Anonymous said...

Want to have a little fun? Why not start up some online petitions such as 'Bring Allegiant back to ORH' or 'Bring Skybus to ORH' or even 'Draft National Express to manage ORH' and forward them to the City Council and Allegiant, Skybus, National Express, etc.
This could also apply to any airline and/or outfit interested in ORH. My personal favorite is 'Sell ORH to the casino group(s)'

Who knows , action just may be taken?


Harry Tembenis
Worcester, MA

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to get the Civic Center ,Library, Parks, Election or License Commission minutes?

Anonymous said...

There it is again on the T&G lead page of the local news section.........The Sudan & Yellow Boxes................headlines about what the city council discussed last night...................IMO both these issues s/b dropped until the REAL business of the city is cleaned up.............

Imagine some counciloors who are taking a road trip to Boston & Providence to check out their Yellow Box programs.....wouldnt it be nice if the story read that councillors are taking a trip to Boston & Prov to check out their airport operations...or better yet...............to Rockford & Youngstown & other 2nd tier airports to check their airport operations...........................they will even observe commercial jet service at these 2nd tier airports..............

Dr Leonard Morse would better serve the city by retiring and voluntering his services at Leonard Morse Hospital which I think is in Natick.

Irrespossible drug addicts are going to walk to the nearest Yellow Box site to properly dispose of their used needles?? .......gimme a break.........surely they jest...and this assumes that these users read the T&G and even know where the Yellow Boxes are located.

I remember when Yellow Birds used to frequent Worc Airport many times each day to Fla

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on this one Jahn. Worcester should thank Massport for keeping the airport afloat and operating, but at the same time researching successful airports and management with proven track records of revitalizing and attacting business should have been initiated.
What a waste