October 13, 2007

August & September Board Minutes

There was an anonymous post yesterday that the minutes are available, but they have not been posted. I will request that the airport liaison e-mails them to me and I will post myself on http://www.flyorh.com/.


Dave from Worcester said...

Thats a good idea

Anonymous said...

I said I called for the minutes from the DCU Commission, , Parks Commission etc. They're the ones not available. Are you saying we can get those from the Airport? How? I didn't call the airport- they're minutes are on-line.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to think that Anonymous's career aspirations would be better served in Hollywood (vs working at the airport?)

4th grade MCAS query, topic Government 101:

Documentation related to the City of Worcester Parks Dept would most likely be found:

1. By calling the City Airport

2. By calling 411 Verizon.

3. By calling Allegiant Airlines

4. By calling the Worc Telegram.

5. By calling Jordan Levy

Bill Randell said...

Manny Mensa:

Thank you.. Anonymous seems to have all the answers except to all the questions except what his name is.

On Saturday I e-mailed the airport liaison asking for copies of the August and September meeting. I will let you know the response, if any.



Anonymous said...

Folow the e-mails folks. I asked where I can get Parks Commission etc. Minutes. The responmses wer to call the Clerk and then the departments. I did. They told me they were not on line and I can get the hard copies. Then someone tell me they're available at the airport. I am the one you question having no logic?