October 22, 2007

Cape Air

We have talked many times about how we should try to get Cape Air to fly out of ORH to the Islands. Recently discussed looking into Cape Air flying to Boston via a code-sharing agreement with JetBlue, like they are doing out of Hyannis, P-Town, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard, but still nothing.

Instead I read about how Cape Air, a local company, is doing great out of South Bend (secondary airport like ORH) to Indianapolis (hub like Boston) and they are considering doing the same out of Gary--check out the timesonline.com below. How can we not be able to lure Cape Air to ORH (secondary airport) while these other 6 cities (all secondary airports) have been to make it happen?

219.933.3326GARY Direct flights to Indianapolis from Gary/Chicago International Airport on regional air carrier Cape Air could start within months.Strong advance ticket sales for Cape Air's new service from South Bend to Indianapolis and Evansville mean the Gary airport will be aggressive in seeking similar service, according to airport director Chris Curry.

After Thursday's airport authority meeting, Curry said he will meet in a few weeks with Sixel Consulting Group, a company that set up the flights in South Bend and wants to do the same in Gary."The underlying dynamics of both airports are the same," said Sixel President Mark Sixel on Thursday. "The business community ... whether it's South Bend, Evansville or Gary, they all need to go to the capital."

Cape Air already has surpassed its goal for ticket sales for South Bend Regional Airport for November, Sixel said. Service does not begin until Nov. 13.Sixel said Gary service could begin as early as January or February, if everything "went perfect."For the full story, read Friday’s editions of The Times.


Dave from Worcester said...

Since Cape Air is now linked with JetBlue, and if Worcester could land Cape Air, maybe, just maybe, would JetBlue not be far behind...of course we have to impress them though

Bill Randell said...

I am guessing that once MassPort takes over, JetBlue will be here the next day with the code sharing agreement via Cape Air.

Anonymous said...

Getting Cape Air/Jet Blue at this point would be a huge boon for Worcester airport.
My question is why aren't they here now? Is Massport taking over a dealbreaker?

Bill Randell said...


I can not come up with a reason why Cape Air is not here already.. MassPort will help, not hurt us get JetBlue. The better question is did MassPort keep JetBlue/Cape Air out of ORH until they take over?

Anonymous said...

Bill Randell said...

"I can not come up with a reason why Cape Air is not here already"

Bad Management?
Poor Access?
Poor Maintenance?
High Rent?
High Landing Fees?
High Push-Back Charges?
High Fuel Transfer Charges?
High Fuel Taxes?
High Parking Rates?
No Passengers?
Frequent weather cancellations?
No community support?
Rude Air Traffic Controllers?
Rude Airport Security?
Poor Snow Clearing?

Anonymous said...

1. Bad Management... Cure: Re hire current management via long term lease.

2. Poor Access... Can you say R.O.A.R. or spineless City Council?

3. Poor Maintenance... Because all the money is wasted on overpaid employees

4. High Rent... How else can they pay the exorbitant & wasteful ORH wages?

5. High Landing Fees... How else can they pay the exorbitant employee health insurance costs?

6. High Push Back Charges...How else can they pay the exorbitant employees pension costs?

7. High Fuel Transfer Charges... Thank the Swiss Air monopoly.

8. High Fuel Taxes... How else can they pay all employees sick time.

9. HIgh parking rates... Take a tip from the MassPike...pay the collectors more than you collect in parking fess.

10. No Passengers... Bad management + rude controllers + rude security = no customers.

11. Frequent Weather Cancellations... beyond our control

12. Rude Air Traffic Controllers... give em the Ronald Reagan treatment.

13. Rude Airport Security... TY S.E.I.U. Privatize the function.

14. Poor Snow Clearing... Why even bother...no passengers anyway

Anonymous said...

I remember the old colonial style terminal building, going up on a Sunday so we could watch planes takes off and land. Great view of the city and of Boston on a clear day. Having a brew and a burger at the restaurant. Times apparently have changed.