December 09, 2007

Airport Director Waldron

Seriously when was the latest time anyone has heard anything or seen from out $106,000 per year Airport Director?

Look at an airport like Rockford, who was in a similar situation after 9/11 with no commercial service in close proximity to a major airport-Chicago. One of the main reasons Rockford has had the success that they have had is that they have an airport director that is constantly selling the benefits of RFD. As a direct result, RFD is looking at 215,000 passengers this year, which is 215,000 then ORH.

No matter who runs ORH in the future, we really need a dynamic Airport Director like RFD's Bob O'Brien.


Anonymous said...

Bill.........not defending him .............but he may have been told to just stay in the background.....and not say anything.....and thsi came from his bosses at Massport........who also sign his paycheck

Bill Randell said...


Honestly, good point.


Anonymous said...

Then why do we need him or an airport liason for that matter if Massport is running the show. Mr waldron is an employee of Massport and the liason is paid by the city and Swissport is controlled by a tow-truck operator/commissioner
And you wonder why pilots are frustrated up here!!!!