December 02, 2007

Linear Air and Nemeth

Every Sunday, I walk to get the newspaper come in and read Bob Nemeth's article, although it is sometimes a pain to find the Insight Section, even before Nick or Diane. Each week I hope for a story on the airport, but there are none?

For a couple years, we have targeted Linear Air on this blog with their headquarters at Hanscom Field, owned by our partner and potentially future owner of ORH , Massport. Currently their business model is similar to Cape Air with Cessnas with alot more emphasis on private charters, while waiting for the new Very Light Jets (VLJ) to become available.

Just this week, Linear become the first airline in the Northeast and third in the nation to start flying a VLJ, the Eclipse 500. Read the article in the Herald here. ORH should be talking with Linear to have one of the ten Eclipse 500's by the end of 2008 based here.

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