December 07, 2007

Cape Air in Rutland, Vt

Doing great according to the Rutland Herald. There is no reason Cape Air should not be flying shuttle from ORH to Boston with a JetBlue code sharing. Here is part of the story, check out the round-trip prices!!

NORTH CLARENDON — A month into the start of its Rutland to Boston service, Cape Air is proving more popular than previous carriers that served Rutland Southern Vermont Regional Airport."Passenger-wise, they're looking good," airport manager Thomas Trudeau said. "They're full or nearly full."Trudeau said the nine-passenger Cessnas used by Cape Air routinely have six, seven or eight passengers.

The previous two commuter airlines employed passenger planes that often were empty or near empty.Trudeau said that unlike the previous airlines, Cape Air's low fares are attracting passengers. The one-way Rutland-to-Boston fare with a 14-day advance reservation is $47.50 or $95 roundtrip."I've had more calls and more interest than we've had with the past two carriers," he said.Cape Air's first month has not been without problems. There have been several weather-related cancellations or delays.

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Anonymous said...

While it sounds like a great idea to use ORH-BOS flights to bypass traffic, parking and security in Boston, what is the potential time savings? And is the savings worth $200 r/t per person or more?
Now factor in mismatched schedules, where you you can't get a ORH flight that gets you to Boston in time for your mainline flight, or weather delays in ORH that cause you to miss your BOS flight. Also, if you connect to a BOS flight that does't use terminal C, you'd have to go through security in Boston anyway. I think there are too many ways for the ORH-BOS shuttle to cause more inconvenience than it saves. And if federal grant money is used to get this route started, what's to guarantee long-term service when the grant money runs out? (Especially with such high fuel costs!). With BOS, PVD, MHT and BDL providing frequent passenger service to so many destinations, I think ORH should be looking at other means to generate airpot revenue. Is there any effort to get a large flight training school into ORH? How about incentivizing a large charter operator to establish a northeast base in ORH? There must be other opportunities...