December 09, 2007

Mesa a WInner at Rockford

Some things are beginning to get very consistent. First, Mr Nemeth has stopped writing about ORH. Second, we can depend on a weekly story from blog friend Tom Bona of the Rockford Register telling us how great RFD is doing. Here is part of the latest story:

Allegiant Air’s Phoenix/Mesa service started Nov. 16, and outbound planes were on average 94 percent full.It was “virtually a two-run homer for Chicago Rockford International Airport and Allegiant Air, which is truly a compliment to everyone from the airline to the airport and especially the community as a whole,” Bob O’Brien, executive director of the airport, said today.Passenger service has increased 26 percent year-to-date.

With Allegiant’s service to Fort Lauderdale beginning Dec. 14 and Apple Vacations’ weekly charter service to Cancun returning Dec. 29, the airport could reach 215,000 passengers for the year. That would be its second-best year, behind the 221,000 in 1991.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch Nick K's column private streets (dirt raods) in Worcester.........about 1/6 of our City streets are nothing more than dirt roads............yet we just keep giving millions away to the likes of the Hanover Theatre.........the last vote to hand off $2.7 million to them was actually 11-0 in favor........

if I am living on a dirt road.......I'd be thinking of running for City Council next time around

The spending priorities seem to so skewed........and it's inferred in the article that somehow Franny McGrath is to blame???

Plus we've blown what....another $1,000,000 at the airport through the 1st 6 months of this fiscal year.

I am tellin' ya's going to hit the fan at City Hall come budget time next may & June and the council and OBrien already know it ...............ditto for Beacon Hill

Bill Randell said...


Again I agree with you. Real estate tax collections are going to be way behind last, new building will be less then expected and car exicse taxes are only going down.

The warning shots will start around February.