December 27, 2007


Looks they are having all sorts of trouble, both financial and with their planes. I nver understood their marketing plan in the first place. I would consider Skybus out of Chicopee direct, but not with a stop in Columbus or Greensboro?

Now I also read MaxJet has gone under. Over the past few years we have seen the folowing companies go out of business:

  1. TransMeridian
  2. SouthEast
  3. Hooters
  4. SkyValue
  5. MaxJet

Then we have seen many other start-ups never start-up like DJ Air and Festival. In retrospect it makes what Allegiant has done even more impressive. We really blew it with Allegiant, while we still sit on over $200,000 of DOT Small Community Air Service Grant monies. Since they have left ORH, Allegiant has added Fort Lauderdale and Tampa/St Pete as destination cities. How nice would it have been to have direct service to three Florida destinations out of ORH?

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Anonymous said...

The person quoted in the seacoat article you link to is the former Chief Strategic Officer of DJ Air.