December 05, 2007

Allegiant Update

- Allegiant Air LLC, a division of Allegiant Travel Co., said its November traffic jumped 64.5 percent, aided by a large capacity boost and more departures.

The company, which flies travelers from small cities to Las Vegas and other leisure destinations, reported late Tuesday that monthly scheduled-service traffic soared to 274.5 million revenue passenger miles from 166.9 million revenue passenger miles in the previous year. A revenue passenger mile is an industry unit measuring one paying passenger flown one mile.

Capacity surged 62.3 percent to 348.1 million available seat miles from 214.4 million available seat miles in the year-ago period. Load factor, a measure of occupancy, edged up to 78.9 percent from 77.8 percent. Departures climbed 65.7 percent to 2,533 from 1,529.


Jahn Dough said...

Whats happens 7 yrs from now when the TIF expires and the Hand It Over Theatres landlord (Worc Comm. Perf. Arts) is again looking at property taxes which are 25% of it's operating budget?

1. Become a non profit again?

2. Ask for another TIF?

TIFs s/b like a landlords one month free rent offer.............i.e. the last month of the lease is free.

ALL TIF recipeints should pay their taxes and at the end of the TIF deal, if they have lived up to all their obligations..........then the City refunds all their taxes that they paid over the term of the TIF.

Bill Randell said...


I wan wondering the same thing. I hope that the TIF has some language whereby at the end of 7 years the theatre can not be sold to a non-profit entity for a certain period of time?