July 01, 2011

104 Armory Street

Notices are being posted around the neighborhood that this old City Buillders warehouse, currently owned by the South Worcester Neighborhood Center.   Gee wonder what will go here?

  • Leave property in South Worcester name
  • Apply for any EPA brownfields clean-up monies if there is any contamination
  • Apply as City Builders LLC, of which South Worcester is a minority owner, and apply for any grant monies for no-lo housing on a City, State and Federal level
  • get all sorts of waivers on permitting and water/sewer hook up fees
Who really does not think more no-lo housing will be proposed for the former Crompton and Knowles site?


Jahn said...

I am hoping they pAVE PARADISE AND PUT UP A PARKING LOT THERE. Think of the savings to teh school dept.

We find a dead baudy in a state pool so we close all state pools 2 days b4 the July 4th weakend.

Mayor Menino has city agents confiscate all illegaly STORED scooters and the like b/c some gang bangers on scoooters shoot up Dorchester or Roxberry.

The state can have betting parlors on every 3rd street corner but gambling cafes are not allowed in Worcester and Conte used to regularly lock up our friendly neighborhood bookies & number runners for 6 month stints with SHeriff Smith.

Worc has a rogue canteen truck/vendor pushcart 2 year ago so the city in substance pratically bans all food pushcarts with new ordinances that just about precludes these services anywhere.

Then there was the proposed 4 inch knife ord.

Gubmint can shoot off all the fireworks they want but citizens cannot?

The city passes snow shovleing and niusances ordinances but exempts themselves from both.

And you wonder why some people wanna take up arms?

Where did that dude in front of me this morning get the lime green Randells Packake Store t- shirt. I want one for nada !

Anonymous said...

Great more low life scumbags in a neighborhood just what Worcester needs. I believe we all as citizens of worcester who pay our taxes should be outraged enough and send letters to these people.
Who is the contact at this place?

Anonymous said...

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