July 22, 2011

Worcester Common Ground Board Part 2

Before questions we asked about us, we had asked Worcester Common Ground who were their current board members and that we wanted to address them at one of their meetings about some of our concerns.  Our request was countered with offer for a sub-committee to meet with us and we were not given the names of the current board.

This went on for about a year, until we were finally told if we wanted to be put on their agenda to call the Executive Director.   After some discussions, we were all busy and none of us could go so no call was made to have a placed on the agenda.  Irregardless we were placed on the agenda and some board members were upset with us.  Don't blame them, but again we never asked to be put on the agenda.?

In fact we met with two board members for breakfast to explain what happened, discussed how we could work together and had a great time.  Our goal, to make our neighborhood better, is the same.    We asked, or they suggested (forgot which), that maybe one of us from the Chandler Business Association should be on the Worcester Common Ground Board.   I volunteered, but in all actuality it could be any of us.  

Everyone left and was excited that we could work together and that a member of the Chandler Business Association would be on the Worcester Common Ground Board.  Part 3 tomorrow. 


Jahn said...

Wow I was surprised to Read Clive today (7-22) and learn something of interest. I learned that CDBG money ...ONLY...goes directly from the gubmint to so called qualifying agencies. Worc Common Grd is the qaulifying agency for their area. WGC and only WGC then decides who gets a grant and who does not.

Well ,as you all know I have been questioning exactly what this MLK place has been doing that cannot be done elsewhere......like a school for instance.and I have also been calling for its closure based only on my opinions and perceptions. Well fast forward and i guess I better watch whatI wish for in the Village of Piedmont.......i.e...... MLK folds and SMOC moves into teh VOP

Seems MLK folded partly due to decreased and/or no funding from WGC. Transaltion: WGC needs the money for other & themselves and their dev'ment programs .... evidently including 48 Mason St?

I have always said all teh BS will end when the money runs out. Well, if we aint there yet, we're fast approaching it. Nuttin like seeing multiple non profits who are addicted to teh gov't T+T competing for dwindling resources.

Id be curoius to know what some of these non profit chieftans are pulling in per year. Methinks many of thses chieftans need CDBG money to keep their salary accts flush with dineros.

Here's to hoping all teh CDBGs dry up someday. Nothing local control over locally generated money.

And for the 101st time, do we really need politicians telling us how to aviod the heat. STFU !!!!!!! Oddly enough 2 so called "cooling stations" were reportedly barely used and/or empty yesterday.......Senior Center and YMCA. Do we really need gubmint gettign involved in keeping us cool........I mena god dam dog even knows how to stay cool, yet gov't believes we homo sapiens need cooling advice. SHUT UP and let me enjoy my summer. Its July. Its New Engalnd. Expect some heat & deal with

Kudos to Kush for a story on real men doing real work in the seering heat yesterday. An asphlat paving crew in Westboro was featured.

Jahn said...

Sorry I meant add, whats your choice:

a. Keep MLK

b. Endure SMOC

c. SMOC changes their mind and WGC ends up with the MLK site?

WTH it meets WGC's desired dev'ment objectives. It,s in the VOP, it cam be coverted to 101 apts, and it has parking for 11(?) cars?

Jahn said...

CHIP ????

Calif Hi-way Patrol?

Pualie you bring a smile to face on this hot day :).

<<< Thinks those signs might have legs with media?

Anonymous said...

i was able to find their board membership with a quick google search: http://www.wcg-cdc.com/staff_info.html